Our Story

Warming Lives Beyond Comfort

In the heart of a nation grappling with fuel poverty, Snugel was born from a simple  idea: provide reasonably priced heating solutions for people. The chilling reality of fuel poverty in the UK propelled us into action, igniting a mission that goes far beyond providing heated products.

Jo Lueders, Founder of Snugel

Snugel emerged as a beacon of hope in these challenging times, committed to finding innovative and energy efficient ways to bring warmth to every home. We noticed existing products  lack quality, with inferior insulation and visually look flimsy.  Our focus is to bring products that are of a high quality, with good aesthetics to the market. 

We understand that heating the human is as crucial as heating the home. That's why our heated blankets, long hot water bottles, and heated gilets are designed to provide that much-needed warmth. Our products are a testament to our dedication to battling fuel poverty.

As fuel prices have soared and the energy crisis loomed, we saw an urgent need for accessible solutions. We've pioneered affordable options that don't compromise on quality. By blending technology with compassion, we've transformed the cold struggle into a warm embrace of care. Snugel's commitment to reasonable pricing is a promise to stand alongside those facing the challenges of fuel poverty, ensuring no one is left out in the cold.

Snugel warms people, not the planet