Electric Blanket User Manual

Controller instructions:

  1. Plug the power lead into the closest socket
  2. Ensure cable is connected to blanket before use
  3. Press the large button in the centre of the controller which will turn it on Controller will then do a quick self-check and you will see the numbers flash from 0 to 6 then return to 0. This means the blanket is now ready for use
  4. Press the temperature button on the top left, which will increase the temperature setting by 1. There are 6 settings available (1 lowest to 6 hottest)

How to set the timer:

  1. When the heated blanket is turned on it is automatically set on a 3-hour timer
  2. Press the timer button on the top right to set a timer for up to 8 hours. By continually pressing the timer button you will cycle through the time options in 1-hour increments
  3. Once you have reached your desired time setting, the controller will start the timer
  4. After the desired time has elapsed, the heated blanket will switch to standby mode and stop generating heat and 0 will show on the controller

Further instructions:

Do not cover the appliance whilst in use.

Do not use pressurised containers (e.g. aerosol cans) or other flammable substances near the appliance.

Do not use the appliance near petrol, flammable gases, ovens, or other heating sources.

Do not attempt to repair or adjust any electrical or mechanical elements in the appliance. Doing so may be unsafe

Do not operate the appliance if there are signs of damage to the appliance, power cord, or any of the accessories

Do not cover or trap the controller under the pillow, mattress or blanket