How to stay warm without heating the whole home (Save money with our eco-friendly tips)

How to stay warm without heating the whole home (Save money with our eco-friendly tips)

Warm days in the UK are rare – even when we’re approaching spring, most days are unpredictable in terms of the weather. We’re getting rain one day, and a slither of sun on another day. So, it’s no wonder many Brits complain about feeling cold. The challenge for many is that staying cozy when the weather is cold, has become quite an expense lately. Energy costs have surged, mostly due to the energy crisis caused by the sharp increase in gas prices and the lack of energy efficiency in many homes in the UK. As a result, as of April 2024, 6 million households in the UK can't afford paying their energy bills. This situation is contributing to the rise in the cost of living because energy bills play a significant role in it.

Thankfully, we've got your back when it comes to staying snug, all while doing our part to lessen environmental impact. Here are some proven tips to keep warm while trimming down energy consumption.

First and foremost, why prioritise staying warm?

Maintaining your body's warmth is crucial for overall health. Achieving a core temperature of 37 degrees Celsius keeps your body functioning optimally and in equilibrium.

When you're cold, your body expends considerable energy to generate warmth, leading to increased fatigue. Additionally, colder temperatures often exacerbate aches and pains.

Certainly, dressing warm and layering with cozy fabric tops the list for staying warm during winter. However, sometimes these methods fall short. Let's look at other ways to stay snug without breaking the bank!

1. Warm up with Snugel's Cocooning Hot Water Bottle

In a world where warmth is more precious than ever, Snugel's Cocooning Hot Water Bottle offers a comforting solution. Simply boil a kettle and embrace the warmth with Snugel!

Whether you're working from home, at the office, or winding down at night, Snugel ensures your body stays comfortably warm. This long hot water bottle provides targeted heat therapy to alleviate aches and cramps, allowing you to dial down your heating system.

Using Snugel five times a day can keep you warm for over 10 hours, at a mere £3 per month, in stark contrast to the soaring gas prices averaging £333 a month (Source: The Energy Saving Trust). By opting to use Snugel products, you not only lower your utility bills but also reduce CO2 emissions.

Moreover, Snugel isn't just for chilly days. It can be your ally on scorching hot days or post-workout sessions, serving as a cooling aid. Simply apply it around your neck or under your arms to regulate your body temperature effectively.

Furthermore, the versatility of Snugel products extends to aiding muscle and joint recovery through targeted ice therapy, helping alleviate swelling and inflammation. With Snugel, embrace warmth, comfort, and therapeutic relief all year round.

2. Blankets will provide a much-needed layer of warmth

Snugel's Sumptuous Heated Blanket is a luxurious solution to staying warm. Crafted with extra thickness and superior heating elements seamlessly woven into the soft sherpa fabric, it ensures prolonged warmth and comfort.

This isn't merely a sofa accessory; wrap yourself in its comforting embrace while working at your desk or anywhere you desire. With Snugel's blanket, there's no need to crank up the central heating; it keeps your entire body snug and cozy.

Featuring 6 fully adjustable temperature settings, this blanket offers complete heating flexibility. Control is at your fingertips with the user-friendly remote, allowing you to achieve and maintain your preferred level of warmth effortlessly. Plus, with a built-in 8-hour timer, it's perfect for couch lounging or drifting off to sleep. Powered by mains electricity and equipped with a generous 2.5m power cable, there's no need for batteries.

3. Prioritise warm feet when you feel cold

When temperatures plummet, your body naturally redirects heat to vital organs, leaving your extremities—like your hands and feet—feeling chilly.

Ensuring your feet stay warm not only enhances circulation but also aids in regulating your body temperature effectively. Research indicates that warm feet contribute to relaxation and better sleep quality.

Our top recommendations for achieving cozy toes include fuzzy slippers, slipper socks, or simply wearing double socks!

4. Drawing the curtains can help you stay warmer

As the sun begins its descent and the afternoon cold creeps in, draw the curtains to retain warmth. Closing the curtains and adding additional insulation with throw blankets serves as a barrier against heat loss. As the sun sets and outdoor temperatures drop, closing the curtains prevents warm indoor air from escaping through the windows. This action effectively traps heat inside the room, helping to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Moreover, adding throw blankets over the curtains provides an extra layer of insulation, further reducing heat transfer between the interior and exterior of the room. This additional insulation helps to prevent cold drafts from entering the room and minimises heat loss through the windows, contributing to a warmer indoor environment.

Choosing thick, thermal-lined curtains enhances their insulating properties, as they are specifically designed to minimize heat transfer and maintain indoor temperatures. By implementing these measures, you can effectively reduce energy consumption for heating while staying cozy and warm indoors.

5. Try hot beverages for instant warmth

When you’re feeling cold, nothing beats the comforting embrace of a hot drink to warm you from the inside out. Whether it's herbal tea, hot cocoa, or a soothing cup of warm water with lemon, these beverages not only provide internal warmth but also help keep you hydrated, a crucial aspect during the dry winter season.

Try chamomile, peppermint, or ginger teas for both their warming properties and added health benefits. For a touch of indulgence, treat yourself to a decadent plant milk hot chocolate topped with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Beyond their warming effects, these drinks offer a sense of comfort and serve as a calming ritual, perfect for unwinding on chilly evenings. What's more, opting for a thermal flask or mug ensures an eco-friendly approach to staying warm, allowing you to enjoy your favourite beverages wherever you go.

Staying warm shouldn’t cost you over the odds

Maintaining warmth doesn't need to result in high energy expenses. With some simple adjustments to your lifestyle and the inclusion of warming products, you can embrace warmth any time, any day. 

Our motto is to heat the human, not the home. That's why we make heated blankets, long hot water bottles, and heated gilets at affordable prices. Our products are designed to provide heat directly to your body, so you’re not left grappling with high energy bills.

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