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Cocooning Hot Water Bottle

Cocooning Hot Water Bottle

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Warmth has never been more valuable. Boil a kettle and hug a Snugel!

Keep your body warm and toasty while working from home/ office/ at night and also while relaxing. The Snugel long hot water bottle will help target and ease your body’s aches and cramps through heat therapy. Turn down your heating.

Using a Snugel long hot water bottle five times a day will keep your body warm for over 10 hours at a cost of £3 per month. This is compared to rising gas prices of £333 a month. (Source: The Energy Saving Trust) Lower your CO2 emissions whilst lowering your utility bills.

The Snugel bottle can also be used to cool down your body down on hot days and nights or after an intense workout or race. Apply the Snugel bottle around your neck and under your arms to cool your internal body temperature.

Can also be used to help ease any swelling or inflammation on your muscles or joints through targeted ice therapy.

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